We give you up to 20 EAS licenses for free!

In today´s world, a lot of people cannot imagine their life without a connection to the internet. From the very beginning, the internet is connected with email communication that offers a quick and simple way to interact with other people. Companies are turning toward mobile devices as a way to help their employees work more effectively and productively. All requests must be usually managed now or in the short time, so be able to access corporate email, calendar or contacts by using personal portable device is important especially for those who are traveling a lot.

The easiest way how to connect IceWarp account with mobile device is synchronization of all personal and public/group data using Exchange ActiveSync. The Exchange ActiveSync standard protocol allows mobile devices to receive timely updates when new data items arrive in a user´s mailbox and works with email messages, calendar items, contacts, and tasks. Although the exact set of data items supported may vary between device manufactures. This protocol is based on HTTP and XML and supports nearly every mobile platform including iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync is available as an optional add-on to IceWarp Server, but the basic IceWarp Server license includes up to 20 EAS licenses for free. It depends on the number of requested licenses.

What is included in the basic IceWarp license? Core Server features are Email Server, WebClient and WebAdmin, Groupware, WebDocuments and FileSync, FTP, IM, SMS, WebMeetings and VoIP, Outlook Sync and IceChat for iOS. Features are further supported by desktop and mobile applications. Any order over 20 users comes automatically with 20 ActiveSync licenses for free. Same as each license entitles you to get a free technical support and all available updates for your product until your license expires.

For those who are interested in testing the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync add-on before purchasing it may do so by activating a 30-day trial within IceWarp Server. With IceWarp Server trial license they are eligible to use 10 licenses of Exchange ActiveSync.

Finally in combination of IceWarp Server and EAS you can travel around the world and running a business at the same time. You can work from anywhere you want, make your own schedule and manage your time as you want. With Exchange ActiveSync it is possible to find a balance and successfully run a business on the go, relying on time management and careful planning.

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