Three days of news at IceWarp Partner Conference 2018

Another year of innovations and development in IceWarp is behind us, so it was high time to invite our partners to Prague, Czech Republic. Yes, we kicked off Global Partner Conference again, 16th in the row, where we revealed the latest features of our new IceWarp Server 12.1, SaaS model for partners, brand new applications and much more.

We were very pleased to welcome long-term cooperating partners and several new partners who can hear IceWarp management discuss the business results from the last year and share global strategy and ideas for the next quarters of 2018 and 2019. At this conference, we also shared our visions and expected business partners to give us their opinion as they have experience from global markets.

Day 1 - Big Reveal

As always, the conference was opened by company CEO, Adam Paclt, who spoke about the incredible progress which IceWarp made in the last year 2017 with its IceWarp Server and successes surpassing plans which IceWarp achieved. Looking to the future during his presentation he also introduced news from upcoming version 12.1 such as TeamChat and Email integration, brand new Outlook Sync or updated WebDocuments, SaaS model for large providers or GedAI, new product for archiving and compliance. Together with Amjad Deen, Head of Channels, he also rewarded partners in several categories.

In the next session, Amjad Deen, Head of Channels, summed up global distribution goals achieved by partners in 2017 together with sharing list of the biggest global deals. We are interested in our partners and their businesses so Amjad at the same time introduced new partner program with multiple levels of partnership to meet the needs of every partner business model. Also interesting statistics of new licenses were shown.

The conference continued with session focused on new SaaS model for partners. In a quick overview, Adam Paclt (CEO) and George Semotan (Head of Sales), provided partners with two core subscription models applied in IceWarp SaaS subscription businesses. They explained the benefit of the model, market positioning and the key competitive advantages over other products on the market.

In the last presentation of the day, Adam Paclt (CEO), shared with partners key upcoming changes and improvements for IceWarp Cloud. Then, Pramod Sharda (CEO India), followed up on Adam´s presentation and talked about Hybrid Cloud deployment.

Day 2 - Technological Advance

IceWarp's CTO, Tonda Prukl together with Lukas Pribyl (Head of Services) presented the product demo of the latest version of IceWarp Server, 12.1. They highlighted the most important features and innovations from the WebClient, WebAdmin, Outlook Sync and IceWarp apps. This session was live-streamed and you can find the record here.

The new roadmap for development was presented in the next session by Tonda Prukl (CTO) and Adam Paclt (CEO). They revealed the key points that should be reached in both short-term and long-term view. This roadmap shows the improvements and innovations including GedAI, brand new apps or next versions of IceWarp Server scheduled until the next year 2019.

During the third presentation of the day, Tonda Prukl (CTO) and Josef Zacharias (Head of Technology) provided partners with the back-end of the IceWarp Cloud in details that included the back-end mechanism responsible for automated deployment, security, data processing, data processing in SaaS and multitenant cloud.

The last presentation was focused on IceWarp Services. Lukas Pribyl (Head of Services) introduced our mission how to provide perfect customer service and support after IceWarp Server is installed, what SLA models we are working on and finally he didn’t forget mention IceWarp Academy, educational portal not only for partners.

Day 3 - Practical Experience

The third day, our partners had the opportunity to look into IceWarp HQ office where we prepared several workshops for them. These training sessions provided insights and practical look to the different areas that partners could select from: Business, Devel, and Service&Testing. Business partners together with IceWarp head of departments had effective discussions that should help us make the most of the opportunities and create sustainable growth for the future. They were also sharing experience from the different countries.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank all our business partners attended Global Partner Conference 2018 and who helped to make the conference such a success. Your support has been a success factor for the IceWarp to meet its goals. We are looking forward to our continued cooperation and hope we will see all of you at IceWarp Partner´s Conference 2019!

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