Outlook Sync and Windows 10 Fall Creators update hotfix

Several months ago we informed that there was an issue with IceWarp Outlook Sync add-in running on Windows 10 "Creators" update (version 1703).

Microsoft released another update for Windows 10 "Fall Creators" (version 1709) on October 17th - this update fixes several bugs and issues related to usage of various Outlook add-ins that can potentially cause freezing.

In case you don´t know which version of Windows 10 your device is currently running, click the Start button and then select Settings - System - About.

To make our Outlook Sync as fast and effective as possible, we’re advising all Windows 10 users to have install our latest Outlook Sync 12.0.3 which brings back the much faster multi-threaded synchronization.

To take full advantage of the newest Outlook Sync, you need to first install Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, which is the latest release from Microsoft with many new features and bug fixes, including a better support for Outlook add-ins. Together with the latest Outlook Sync it’s a fix for crashing or freezing Outlook on Windows 10.

Users who previously installed the hotfix of IceWarp Outlook Sync are advised to install the new version Outlook Sync 12.0.3 (see download link below) which reverts the synchronization mechanism back to the original way on Windows 10 Fall Creators. Outlook Sync automatically recognizes whether it runs on Windows 10 Creators or Windows 10 Fall Creators and only in the case of Windows 10 Creators it falls back to the alternative synchronization mechanism which is significantly slower than the standard mechanism.

Who is affected?

The new Outlook Sync 12.0.3 has been tested with IceWarp Server 12.0 and 11.4 versions. This advisory applies to Outlook users running both Windows 10 Creators update, where it will run slower but stable, as well as for those running the latest Windows 10 Fall Creators update, where it will run significantly faster.

How to update?

Users are advised to follow steps in this order:

1 - Install Windows 10 Fall Creators update.Either wait until it’s automatically offered by Windows, or download it here and install it manually.

2 - Upgrade IceWarp Outlook Sync to the latest version. Version 12.0.3 is available here. For mass installation via GPO, you may need to use MSI installer available here.

How to fix issues?

If Outlook Sync is not working after the upgrade to Windows 10 (any version), run the installer again and use the Repair option.

Please feel free to contact our support team if you have any questions:

+1 888 678 456 | support@icewarp.com