IceWarp´s participation at CloudFest 2018 and the release of new SaaS plans

Being at CloudFest 2018 gave us the opportunity to present the new features of the IceWarp Server 12.1 (coming at the beginning of April). We also took advantage of the exhibition in order to officially introduce the new SaaS model of IceWarp which will be available to our customers in the next two months.


Many visitors have taken a great interest in our FREE plan, that is exclusively available to hosting providers and provides access to basic features such as E-mail and Contacts to an unlimited number of users. It is free and basic, nevertheless, it includes White Labeling – the great feature allowing administrators to customize IceWarp web application interfaces to their needs.

If you want more and just the basic features can´t satisfy you we have a paid PRO plan available. Pro plan can be used by Lite users (who only have access to e-mail and contacts), but also by more advanced users – Standard and Professional. Standard users can enjoy Calendaring, Instant Messaging, VOIP features and FileSync. On top of that Professional users can edit online documents, sync all data to their mobile devices and access Group Chat.

We have received an overwhelming response regarding the advantages our SaaS plans have over the competition. The visitors showed great interest in the post-paid service, which means that IceWarp supports billing for SaaS plan according to the real usage at the end of each month, so you only pay for what you have used and in the combination of different types of users. This allows ISPs to have different types of users (lite, standard and professional) under one subscription. The combinations are endless!

We are not only releasing a plan for ISPs but we are also introducing plans for small & medium businesses. It is simple, clear and flexible and it also reduces the initial costs. IceWarp has SMB-friendly pricing strategy with a monthly subscription. IceWarp provides SMB users with all the features of the selected module in pre-installed and configurated software – meaning that a collaboration can start in a couple of hours! The other advantage of a monthly fee is that SMBs can combine different types of users (standard and professional) which is not an option with a standard year-long license).

Our SaaS plans for hosting providers and SMBs were introduced for the very first time at CloudFest 2018 and we were impressed by the positive feedback from visitors. SMBs and ISPs seeking alternative solutions to complex but often cumbersome systems with missing functionalities can look forward to using the IceWarp Saas Model in April and May 2018 respectively.

We consider our participation at CloudFest 2018 to be a success mostly thanks to you – the visitors! It was a pleasure to meet you and we enjoyed having so many inspiring conversations. The number of visitors exceeded our expectations and we would like to thank each and every one of you - who visited our booth at CloudFest 2018. Thank you for taking the time to chat with us and we hope to hear from you soon!

If you have any questions or if you would like to receive more information about our product, please feel free to contact us at and don´t forget to visit our web at