IceWarp Server 12.0.3 release

We are happy to announce that today, 19th of December 2017, a long-awaited version of IceWarp Server, 12.0.3, has been released. IceWarp Server 12.0.3 is now generally available and ready for download from our website. This latest version of IceWarp Server builds even further upon a number of improvements introduced with v12.0 and our developers team also fixed all the known issues found in previous versions. Let’s look to the most important fixes and improvements in this version:


WebDocuments - Fixed multiple documents upload in TeamChat from the WebDocuments in WebClient


WebClient - Fixed an issue with Suggested Contacts in the Address Book
WebClient - Fixed an issue with opening scanned non-sensitive PDF documents rendered as blank page
WebClient - Disabled regular login method when SSO is being used in WebClient
WebClient - Fixed PLAIN text authentication mode in the smtp class
WebClient - Fixed an issue where user could not delete emails using the delete key in IE11
WebClient - Fixed an issue with multiday tasks where imip has generated wrong time
WebClient - Fixed an issue with inserting screenshorts from the clipboard right into the body of email
WebClient - Fixed broken directory tree after renaming folders in the WebClient


TeamChat - Fixed an issue with saving message drafts in TeamChat
TeamChat - Fixed missing search options while using Autocomplete in Files&Documents in TeamChat
TeamChat - Fixed an issue where guest account can now delete its own post in TeamChat
TeamChat - Added file size sorting in TeamChat
TeamChat - Fixed an issue with page scrolling in TeamChat that caused the page unresponsive in Firefox


Web Admin - Added new option for enabling Client license in WAD

Core Server

Server - Improved v12 license check during the installation
Server - Improved warning that is printed to error log when account cache is disabled
Server - Improved Linux installer with new licensing structure
Server - Improved Windows installer with new licensing structure
Server - Fixed an issue with removing events from TeamChat's Chat Room
Server - Fixed an issue that prevented document from editing after moving a document to another folder in GW
Server - Fixed the forgot password function if you enabled login with a username
Server - Fixed an issue where after an upgrade mailing list rules stopped working
Server - Fixed video calls in Google Chrome (video did not start)
Server - Fixed an issue with inactive accounts that suddenly expired before an expiry date
Server - Fixed an issue where max message size works as a limit for groupware items (files)
Server - Added Access-Control-Allow-Origin header to allow cross origin requests to TeamChat API


ActiveSync - ionCube loader updated to the latest version

Outlook Sync

Outlook Sync - Improved multisession processing in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
Outlook Sync - Implemented 'Startup&Errors' only log level as default

IceWarp Desktop Client

IWDC - Added support for PGP keys with multiple user IDs
IWDC - Added support for obsolete XMPP non-SASL authentication (XEP-0078)
IWDC - Improved full-text search in message bodies
IWDC - Fixed import of POP3 account from Thunderbird
IWDC - Fixed XMPP file transfer on IceWarp Server

Do not wait, download the latest IceWarp Server 12.0.3 and experience all the innovations.

To get the full list of changes in IceWarp Server 12.0.3, please refer to the Maintenance & Patch document.

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